I have no desire to do work, but after talking with Steve (Noobalicious) I realize I have neglected you. To be fair I rarely have time to post on FB either. I work somewhere around 50 hrs a week, job is good, pay better than average. It appears that the spouse and I have moved up to a new tax bracket, yay me. School sucks and I am looking at only 8 more month. Mommy is full time and takes up the rest of whatever time I have. Tom has been gone on mission for months at a time, he is gone 6 to 8 months out of the years just not 6 to 8 month duration. I started crossfit, I got pissed when I gain enough weight to need new cloths and crossfit is great for strength, the fact I can now walk more than 5 miles without my right leg limping is good, but I can't walk 10 yet.

So that it, that is life. Busy as all get out with no chance of slowing down. I work as a contractor for the Air Force, it is mostly an administrative job but they let me play with computers still too. I think if I had to work on my network with out admin rights I would hurt someone. My annoyance with people not doing their jobs and being held accountable for it gets me in trouble in the private sector but in the world of government contracting I got an award. I am suppose to get a shinny plaque and everything. I have moved up in the work of management, I am site lead for 4 people, I have no real power but I stop them from doing stupid crap so I don't have to report it to leadership, wait that is the same thing I do in my unit for the military guys.

Scotch. I love it, trying more every day. Some of my favorites MacCullen 15 year, Laphroaig 10 year, Glenmorangie Nectar 12, Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 12 year, Glenlivet 21 Year Archive, Balvenie 12 year Double Wood, and Balvenie 15 year. There are many many more and I am not so good I remember all the names be memory www.whisky.com/index.html , the whiskeypedia.

Luke is big, he is smart, and most likely a behavioral issue. He is not that bad he is ADHD, its confirmed. Smart as all get out, and bored easily. He starts a special needs private school in June. Very structured, geared for dealing with ADHD, gifted and dyslexic children. But after talking with the local public school he knows more that the average kindergartner, he will be bored as heck and if they have to segregate him because he is ADHD he will be put in the slow classes and even more bored. So he is doomed to private school until maybe junior high. But my son is very cute and knows it. He pretended to be lost at Chuck E Cheese to hit on the staff. She hugged him until he found his Mommy, which they joy of finally finding me lasted all of 5 secs before he ran off to play. I also showed him our table and did not more for 20 minutes before he got "lost."

Ok I am cracking my own whip. Time for me to homework!