Hey Rooster Tooths & Toothettes! I've been a little spotty on postin, commentin, and generally hanging out on this website, but I'm going to take another crack at settling back into the fantastic community that is this website.

How y'all doing? What's the haps and all that? I personally am going completely insane with an internship, a job (that is basically just an internship) and 15 beastly hard college credits right now, so that's basically my life. Oh, and I'm continually postin it up on tumblr. And I've been workin on my webcomic.

Fun story: last weekend I was planning to knock out some homework, hang out, play some minecraft, whatevs, when I get an urgent message from my internship/job asking "Hey, can you move a massive pile of bugs from a spreadsheet into a database?" Being the person that I am, I of course said "Yep!" and then spent EIGHTEEN HOURS over the weekend moving them.


Moving bugs from a SPREADSHEET


into a DATABASE.


I did get paid, though, that was pretty solid.