RT Podcast Expansion (New Podcast)!

2 years ago

Big news from the podcast desk! Starting next week we will be kicking off a new gaming focused podcast. We realize that the Rooster Teeth Podcast doesn't talk about gaming too much so we're launching a brand new weekly podcast that focuses solely on games. Our premiere episode will be Tuesday May 21 at 2PM Central time so it should air right after the new Xbox reveal. The new podcast will be an hour in length and after this special premiere episode will be held on Wednesdays at 4PM Central time. It will follow the same distribution format as the Rooster Teeth Podcast so sponsors can watch a live stream immediately and the audio version will be released the next day for everybody. Non sponsors can enjoy the video a week later. We're excited to have a gaming podcast, and expect us to talk extensively about the new Xbox news as well as PS4 news in our premiere episode. We are also planning on launching additional podcasts in the future, so expect to hear about this in the very near future as well.

Also, after months of talking about it, the podcast crew finally made our own Let's Play in Left 4 Dead 2. Gavin, Gus, Joel and Kara all play some Survival mode and struggle to try and work together in a post apocalyptic zombie filled world.

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  • Redneckman


    2 years ago


  • kayla555


    2 years ago

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  • rampage1818


    2 years ago

    i bet the cast will be gus, burnie,gavin,and jack.

  • TheBay


    2 years ago

    Today is gonna be an interesting day smiley0.gif

  • crazeegamer


    2 years ago

    Awesome. heres to a great podcast about games :)

  • wballou125


    2 years ago

    I cant wait!

  • rkdq94


    2 years ago

    Is this perhaps the time where Geoff will come back to the podcast?!

  • BIOxxoneight


    2 years ago

    There should be a Let's Play of Podcast crew vs Achievement Hunter crew

  • jmcgill


    2 years ago

    i can die happy now

  • MyNameIsDiDo


    2 years ago

    Achievement Hunter Podcast...?