So this has been a crazy week for me.

Yesterday I was on a car accident - almost totally destroyed my car but I was lucky enough to walk away with only a minor burn on my wrist and no injuries to anyone else! My poor car however is going to be missing in action for a while until it gets fixed. Definitely a huge scare!

On a positive note however I've continued to make progress on the RTX app I've been working on! As of tonight it is working on a web version and android version! iOS version should be working fairly soon as soon as I can get some of these bugs figured out. I'd like to thank all the RT community members who have helped me test this so far and all the ones that keep coming.

If all goes well I should be able to have the app available on the app market and google play before RTX, if not then for sure they will be in QR code format for scanning!

On that note, RTX is a week away and I'm counting down the days! smiley13.gif