Short and simple, RTX 2013 was amazing.

Definitely a huge learning experience for everyone involved, from the people organizing, to the guardians to all the attendees.

It truly lives up to community expectations and beyond!

Like any other event of this size, lines and organization can get a bit fuzzy/long but that means there is always something to improve. RT cast and crew are all amazing, my own personal achievement was to try and meet ALL of them. Unfortunately I missed Miles and Kerry but I managed to meet everyone else. I would not even be able to saw who the nicest one was but they were all great!

Burnie always walking and talking to the fans, setting a great example for the rest

Barbara and Gus managed to stay in one piece and friendly through the chaos of managing the event.

Joel as always going around causing chaos, giving out Jack's phone number and (almost) signing the tower of pimps (I still think he should)

Jack, Ryan and Geoff all walked through the crowd that stood in the achievement hunter line for 8+ Hours to meet them.

Monty who was schedule for one hour to give autograph actually stayed over 4 hours as well because he did not want to turn down people, and the list goes on and on .

Visited a few food places around 6th street which was a party every night, overall was amazing! Can't wait for RTX 2014!

(Pictures coming soon)