I've decided I want to go to RvBOR. Problem is, I can't afford to get there on my own. I don't want to ask for handouts, but I'm currently a little on the unemployed side...

So I'd like to offer my services to anyone on the site who has need of them. My skills include the following:
- MSEE in Electrical Engineering (Multimedia & Creative Technology)
- Graphic Design (see my board game for examples of my work)
- Game Design (see above)
- Web Design (HTML and CSS, with limited Java, PHP, and Javascript abilities)
- Image Processing (optical character recognition, video summarizing, etc.)

I am also an excellent problem solver. I'd probably be in IT support right now if it weren't for my mom's infuriatingly unspecific bug reports (and even those I was able to decode).

To keep the con budget manageable, I may also need to crash at someone's place over the weekend and ask for a ride to and from the airport. If anyone can offer either, please let me know.

As for the "hire Rec for odd jobs" stuff, please leave a comment or contact me by message, and I'll work something out. ^_^