Way back on May 26, 2003 -- when we had just released Episode #7 of Red vs Blue, I received an email in my inbox. It was a nice note from a viewer of the show. It essentially said "I like the show, but I think you need some better music." Along with it was attached a three minute mp3 file called RvBMuzak.mp3. It was simply the author of the email sitting down and plucking away at a baritone guitar. It was a humble request: listen to this music and see if there is something you can use. I popped the file into WinAmp, hit play and instantly heard what would become the theme song for the longest running web series in internet history.

And that is how I met Nico Audy-Rowland.

Our relationship with Nico has set the standard for collaboration at Rooster Teeth. Trocadero's contributions to Red vs Blue taught me that there were amazingly talented people out there -- not just making their own content but also watching our shows. And they wanted to help make them better. In that spirit, we have added people like Luke, Kerry, Gavin, Barbara, Ray and many others over the years. It is a philosophy that has helped our company grow, adapt and stand the test of time. But it all started with a little 4MB mp3 sent from a guy in Boston who just thought we needed some better music. It's been eleven seasons and it's simply impossible to imagine seeing the boys in red and blue without first hearing that old familiar riff. The canyon may be long gone, but the Blood Gulch Blues remain.

Happy anniversary, Trocadero.