Aloha folks!

I'm sorry it took so long for me to wrap up our Extra Life event last weekend. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love from our community and it just got lost in the process.

That being said... holy crap I love this community. As of right now, team Rooster Teeth has raised $343,500 supporting Children's Miracle Network hospitals across the country. That is incredible. When Geoff and I did Extra Life in 2010, we were psyched to raise $20,000 for the whole event. When Matt threw down his donation matching, we raised $22,000 in fifteen minutes. That is incredible.

On top of that, we sold over 15,000 limited edition posters, of which, all the proceeds are going to the Dell Children's Hospital here in Austin.

Let me talk about the posters for a second. We initially bought 2,000 to put in our warehouse, thinking we'd sell about that many... obviously that number was demolished. We then had to put in an order for an additional 13,000 posters which took some time to get printed and shipped, and now our warehouse is compiling orders for all of them. This will take a while and I appreciate your patience in the process. You should hopefully be getting your posters this week if you ordered them during the stream. Those photos you see on Twitter and here on the site are probably from the initial run of 2,000. We're sorry for the delay, but I promise you, it's worth it. The poster is incredible.

For those of you in the Austin area, myself and a few other folks from the Rooster Teeth team will be at the Domain Microsoft Store on the 21st (next Thursday) to do a check presentation to Dell Children's and to pick up all of our Xbox Ones that we bought. The event starts at 10:00pm and we'll be hanging around for a bit. Come by, say hello and pick up your console with us.

On a semi-lame kind of note... we managed to break YouTube's DVR functionality of our Extra Life stream. While we broadcasted for almost 25 hours straight, the auto-recording feature of the stream got corrupted and unfortunately we couldn't record it on our end due to the massive amounts of data pumping through. That being said, unless a miracle happens at YouTube, we will unfortunately not be able to release the entire stream for rewatching. There are a few folks out there that managed to capture some highlights and I suggest you search for them! There was some good stuff out there. I am truly sorry that we don't have it! If anything changes, I'll let you know

Now then, I have to get back to preparing for a wedding tomorrow morning. Did you know that flowers are expensive and there are thousands of different kinds of them? Whew!

I love you all, I love this community, I love my company and most of all I love @Caiti. Best wishes to all of you, see you next week!