First piece of news.

I'm taking a sabbatical, from RoosterTeeth and RoosterSpeak.

There's nothing wrong with the site and all you awesome peeps, its just that between work stressing me the hell out, and my social anxiety making me think up outlandish reasons for trivial things, I need time away from people in general. (And as of the 16th of December, the only people I should be dealing with is my Family, and occasional Store Employees, since I plan on taking holiday leave)

If you guys still feel the need to contact me, feel free to use the other sites I'm on. Just know that I'm tired, stressed, and probably gonna be a little snarky Okay, so I'm always a little snarky. I can't help that XD

I'm planning to comeback around January 6th, since thats when my holiday time I've put in for, will be over. So if you guys want to do anything from the 16th of Dec, to the 6th of Han, send me a msg :)

Second piece of news.

I've started up a writing project, to A) be creative in a way I know I have decent skills in, B) to get me in a regular creative mood, and C) to get some ideas out of my head, so I can free up some space XD

I'm calling it the Constant Project Yep, shit name, but my Official Awesome Namer of Things is fast asleep, so I'm stuck with that for now XD .
Its effectively a Science Fantasy Multiverse playground, where writers can add their owns stories, while I just create the universe (since I love creating universes and lore stuff, but kind of suck at adding proper stories to it XD).

I eventually plan on possibly buying a domain for it (once I figure out all the hassles associated with buying a website and such), so its easily accessible to everyone.

If anyone is interested in helping out/joining me on the Project, please feel free to msg me, either on here, Tumblr, or Facebook.