How is everyone?
I'm feeling much better than when I did when I posted the Hiatus journal, so now I know that the unbearable parts are caused by the toxic environment I work in.
But Since I know I probably won't be able to change that for atleast 6 months, let's see how quickly I fall back into it ($20 I barely last 2 weeks).

My Writing Project is starting to come along, with roughly 4000 words spread out across 5 documents (with roughly 1,500 of those written within the last 2 hours I worked on them O.O).
If any of you are interested in keeping up with it, I'm posting stuff on Tumblr.
(Now, before some of you start insulting Tumblr, I'm using it because its easy/free to set up, and because I can quickly write posts on my phone for it, if I need to. Plus, I like Tumblr, so yeah)

I'm gonna try and start being more active (especially with Chupa stuff, need to do some more creating there XD), so you should start seeing more regular postings from me ^_^

So, without further ado, there are two things I want to say/ask:

1- The Xbone is still the piece of shit I thought it was.
Now, before you start defending it, hear me out, because the Australian Experience (aka, the barely functioning experience) is vastly different to the American one (the supposed awesome experience).
I literally waited 5 days, for a 2.6 gb download, whereas my 360 downloaded roughly 5 gbs of content within 2 days.
The Avatar system has only just recently started working.
Somehow, they managed to go from an easy to use Achievement system which did exactly what we wanted, to a horrible system that forces us out of the game and typically requires you to drill down to figure out what achievement you unlocked (admittedly, the tracking that the system know does, in regards to collection/time played styled achievements is cool, and the 'Challenge' achievements where you can earn in game goodies like extra skins or more XP is a cool concept, which only a few games seem to have a grasp of)
The fact that you can't access your system memory is so stupid.
The Current games available aren't even that fun (Dead Rising, a series I enjoyed for the absurdity and challenge, is now ridiculously easy, in that I could literally save everyone in one playthrough with zero effort :/) or interesting enough to make me want to play them for long periods of time (I actually had to remember I had an Xbone, because I was getting bored on my 360 and wanted to play something different XD)
The whole 'Arcade games are now worth 1000 Points' bs which has effectively broken the worth of achievements atm (seriously, most of these 'not arcade' games barely have more than 20 achievements, and theres barely any thought put into most of them).

So, my old opinion of the Xbone is still valid: Its an overly expensive Blu-Ray player (pretty much the only reason I like the Xbone, the fact it plays Blu-Rays) which is trying too hard to be a useless and outdated Media PC (to which my current out dated Media PC already does a better job, and it isn't even trying).
Seriously, what happened to gaming consoles, focusing on the key element of 'Gaming'? Please, for the love of god, don't waste your money on an Xbone yet.
Now, before you go defending the whole ' they are just trying to get a broader demographic' point of view, I ask you this question: Why bother? The people who want what the Xbox is trying to offer, typically have a PC that'll do a much better job of it, and the rest typically just want to play games.
Why is a GAMING (seriously, I can;t stress this point enough) console, focusing on being everything BUT a GAMING console?

/Xbone rant over
(Sorry, I've been watching a fair amount of Zero Punctuation and Jimquistion, which have only shown that my arguments were indeed valid ones)

2 - How was everyone's Xmas, and what are you guys planning for New Years?
Mine was pretty meh, since the people I'd have loved to spend it with live in Melbourne, Brisbane and America (aka, the Family of my Soul). But atleast I worked most of it, and got Double Time pay rates.

And I have jack shit planned for New Years, mainly because the people I want to celebrate it with are too far away, and I'll be working the day after, for Double Time Rates.

Oh yeah, forgot to say I put my passport application in, and it was accepted, so now I'm just waiting on getting it :D