So, I've been delving into writing (as I've said in previous journal), alternating between my personal writing Project, and writing up RWBY OCs.

As far as my writing project is going, its at roughly at 7k words, roughly 13+ separate documents of various word lengths, and my first POV character, who I accidentally gave a storyline just by naming her XD
If you'd like to see some of it, you can see it here. Why Tumblr? Some of you may ask. Because its fairly simple to use, and doesn't require any knowledge to quickly update pages, unlike a proper website (which is where I would like to get it set up, eventually.
I plan on doing some basic art for this (mainly Symbols and whatnot), so you might see me post some TCP related art.

As far as my RWBY OCs are concerned, @Ember encouraged me to join the Fanon wiki, and post them there, so that I'd actually try and develop them, instead of the paragraph I originally had for them.
Which I did, so enjoy.
Grey Wyrm
Dirke Wulfe
Elizabeth 'Libby' Wulfe

So, tell me what y'all think :)