I thought I'd just write a little journal entry because I'm off to bed and I'll probably forget everything I wanted to post when I get tomorrow.
I've been playing the Sponsors Minecraft server, and it's been so fun!
I started off playing the other night, but I fell into a hole and died, which is so tragic.
So when I saw that Burnie was going to reset the server, I spent 2 hours waiting for it to come up so I'd be able to get on, and I wasn't disappointed.
I don't have any screencaps from the beginning, but it started off like a normal game. But with a giant TOP.

Ran off to hide for the night, somehow ended up trapped in a hole for many days and nights. This was the hole:
It was a sad time in my life, but luckily, everyone was very nice, and even Burnie came to help free me from my dirt prison. But yeah, I'm avoiding holes in the future.
When I got free, and we'd done a lot of mining, we started to rebuild Fort Biscuit, the most glorious and wonderful of places.
Obviously with another, more realistic tower of pimps. I'm bad at taking screenies but this is the inside
Nice and full of our server friends who'd come for shelter and security from mobs.

ANYWAY, I had a really lovely night, and it's 4am now, so I need to sleep, but here's a nice picture of a minecraft sunrise.

double ps, this is a british biscuit: digestive.jpg

All Hail Fort Biscuit!! smiley0.gif