What is Draw One Member?

“Draw One Member” is a way for two-way promotion between two community members. I get to draw you something involving you/your projects – and you get to plug yourself some! A small blurp about what you do/you thoughts on your community/anything!

“Draw One Member” - or 'DoM' – was originally created to help me meet community members and improve on my art-skills. While this is still one of my main intentions, I do want to help promo other creators of the Rooster Teeth Community. Getting noticed is hard, having free art and a bit of help is easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

>> “How do I enter?”

Once a month – a day or so before the ninth – I'll post a journal with the title “Draw One Member! Month of Whatever-Month-It-Is!”

>> “How do you choose?”

I use a random number generator or the ennie-minnie-miney-mo method. If the person/persons were already choosen within the last four months, I'll choose a random community member I know.

>> “Why is there a four month wait for previously chosen members?”

Because I don't want to draw art for the same person more than once! Four months is a good wait time – besides, even after that, I'll lower their chances still. Sorry guys! I want it to be fair for everyone!

>> “What can I get drawn?”

Yourself, your RWBY OCS, your RT-related projects, and again – yourself in any situation you want to see yourself drawn in. Nothing sexual though!

>>[Personal Message] “Will you draw me?”


>> “What medium do you use?”

Anything that'll work with the idea given!

Do you have anymore questions? Ask them here!

Community Members Who Have Been Drawn






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*This journal will be updated FAIRLY often!