Thought it would be fun to show you guys what 636 looked like when we were remodeling it into the studio that you grew to know. I first found 636 when I was looking at a building next door. I wandered around, unimpressed by the space but then saw this fenced in non-descript building next door and almost immediately felt a connection to it, even though it was a hideous mustard color.


Finding the right location for a move has always been a six month process at least. You have to have a lot of vision to see what a space could be versus what it is when you tour it. 636 was an empty facility owned by a cement company. We bought it and started the six month process of renovating it. Here's some images of what it looked like before we started construction:

This is the upstairs looking all the way to the back wall. This is before we built the massive wall that divided the studio from everything else. Also, there was no central staircase. The building was basically the lobby and a huge open warehouse.

Here's the upper deck looking into what would become Matt's office and my office (and later Joel's). The exit sign is over what would become the Left4Dead door.

And here's the warehouse looking forwards. Notice the stylish siding and the utility staircase leading up to the loft. Absolutely none of this was air conditioned.

Here's the lobby looking into Achievement Hunter and the conference room. On the left you can see a reception desk that used to sit in front of double doors leading to the warehouse.

Here's that reception desk. This became the hallway leading to the stairs from the lobby. The alcove on the left became part of that bathroom.

Here's a view from the second floor of the big wall going up. It had to be fire proofed to city code which required three sheets of drywall on each side. It was the most expensive part of the construction process.

Here's the staircase being built. At one point we were going to have to put in an elevator, but we expanded the sound booth by ten square feet and fell just under the requirement necessary to do that. Otherwise we would have had another enormous expense and significant loss of square footage.

The rest of our photos are slow steady progress to the place we called home for three years. It's difficult to imagine where we will be in three more.

On that note, I leave you with this last video of Geoff walking around touring the nearly completed building. Some of his 'this will be here, that will be there' comments are a little off, so don't get confused as our plans changed (like make up and green screen). Achievement Hunter fans will particularly enjoy his comments about his future office.

On to bigger and better things!