So it looks like that Barbara's outro in the first episode was in fact a "DEAD" giveaway, and so the Mad King is triumphant!! Huzzah! Despite him being my initial choice as the murderer, that is. Though he'll probably perish in Season 2, that's if there will be a Season 2, right Josh? Miles dying from a treadmill? I guess I should've seen that one coming from "Miles" away, eh @Barbara? It is decided I will now binge on TLR should there be a second Season in the near future.

I will prepare myself for the event of someone who will try to surpass Barbara's divine master plan of homicide. Only to be Kruegered by Barbara's ghost (the Season 2 murderer that is), I don't know why I just have the assumption that Little Miss Dunkelman's insatiable lust for murder knows no boundaries, even death itself won't stop her. She's that powerful folks!! smiley2.gif Sleep with one eye open, and grip your pillow real tight!!

I'd also like to point out another giveaway, that Gilby did put up a struggle against the killer in Episode 5, if the killer was either Lindsay or Ryan, I'd imagine it would take them two seconds to kill him as opposed to a full minute. Even if the killer was Miles he would also struggle against the mighty strength of Adam Ellis!!

Once again, I must also express my lack of faith in Chris Demarais, or rather his ability of survive. I thought you would prevail!! You were my first choice as the survivor @Chris!! I hoped that the Pun-Maker of Montreal would consider you not worth killing, because you're such a goof!! Barb-dammit!! smiley2.gif

As for the rest: Gavin like Chris, you are also a bit of a goofball. Though one with an endless amount of narcissism, so I have to say that Barbara made a good call on your demise, To Mr and Mrs Jones, always together and never apart well except for you Mrs Jones since you were torn apart... quite literally in fact smiley1.gif. Good luck trying to put your ethereal essence back together deary!!

To Team Posh Roosters (that's Mr Burns and Mr Sorola), Gus you now have a limitless amount of time to compose more shitty poetry, whilst Burnie... errm.... Burnie..? hmmm? What....does he do now? Oh yeah! Now I remember, it was in the back of my mind. He drunkenly hands out bags of popcorn to other drunk people at dinner parties and tries to pull off pranks at weddings (maybe even funerals). Yeah! You can do that for as long as you want now! Isn't that lovely guys?! smiley1.gif

What irony that you all died in such a horrific and poetic manner, never mind perhaps your ghosts can gang up and kick the shit out of Barbara's ghost for good measure. Gavin and Lindsay, just make sure your feet don't fall off when you kick her okay?

So despite a few cringe-worthy moments, including that stupid cat piano!! It was a great series to watch nonetheless, and I cannot wait to see what the great Josh Flanagan has in store for us in 2015!! By the way Barbs, should you return... I will be waiting!! You have been warned! Please don't Krueger me!! smiley2.gif

Nadolig Llawen!! smiley1.gif