theres been a lot of speculation going around lately, and I just wanted to say working with RT was some of the best years of my life. Anytime you can be a grown up and find yourself wearing silly outfits or crammed under the table with another dude doing sock puppetry, you have to know you are very lucky. I got to see some of my most silliest ideas come to life. I got to leave easter eggs in videos and watch the comments to see if people saw them, I got to meet and work with some really funny and talented people. I made so many friends in the community that I will keep for forever. I can pretty much go anywhere in the entire world and know someone I can grab a drink with AND THATS INSANE. This community is very much a living breathing thing and I look forward to see what talents come out of it. I'm excited about the future and you should be too! For RT, for Lazer team, for things you don't even know you have coming. Thanks everyone for letting me take a peek into such an awesome world.