I've been thinking about why Monty's passing has hit us all so particularly hard. He was an amazing person, and an inspiration to so many people. Our lives were enriched by his work.

But I don't think that's it. I think there's a simpler reason - this community is like family. We've seen inside each other's lives, rooted for each other as we strive to succeed. We've cried through the tough times, and laughed through the good times.

That is not to minimize the impact Monty has had on us all, and on me personally. I didn't know him much, but his words from his Comic-Con 2009 panel still resonate with me. I can't quote them exactly, but it was something to the tune of "If you keep waiting until your technique is perfect, you're never going to release anything. Use what you've got and just create! There may be other people better than you at what you're doing, but nobody can replace your unique voice."

I may have channeled Neil Gaiman there a bit, but I'm sure Monty would agree. Don't let fear stop you from putting out content that you love. Whether your tools are calipers, motion tracking suits, or stick figures, you have something worth giving to the world. Your family is behind you - get to it.