With recent news of harassment experienced by attendees at other conventions, I want to remind everyone that RTX has ZERO TOLERANCE for any type of harassment.

Our Harassment Policy is as follows:

NO Verbal harassment will be tolerated. Verbal harassment includes:
- Unwanted aggressive or threatening comments
- Negative comments regarding race, origin, gender, gender identity,disability, religious affiliation, age, physical appearance, language, sexual orientation, or bathroom policing.*
*Bathroom policing is the act of trying to monitor or control who is allowed to use which gender-designated restroom, and is not allowed.

NO physical harassment will be tolerated. Physical harassment includes:
- Photographs taken without consent
- Unwanted/non-consensual touching (and a reminder that Cosplay DOES NOT equal consent)
- Stalking
- Assault/physical violence
- Disruption of panels, signings, or other events.

RTX is honored to host an incredible lineup of talented guests each year and treating them with respect is essential to booking them. Keep all of the above harassment guidelines in mind while attending these events and help us ensure that both attendees and special guests alike enjoy RTX.

Who does this policy apply to?
EVERYONE. Attendees, staff, volunteers, guests, panelists, retailers, everyone!

What do you do if you're being harassed?
Report any harassment to a staff member or Guardian (volunteer) immediately!

What are the consequences of harassing someone at RTX?
Convention officials and/or security personnel will take necessary measures to ensure that RTX is a harassment-free event, which can simply mean separating the individuals in conflict.
However, it can include consequences as severe as expulsion from the convention without a refund or contacting local law enforcement.

Rooster Teeth is supported by an accepting and nurturing fan community and we're committed to making sure that we bring that spirit to our event. Have fun, celebrate the community, and respect one another!