...and we're both stumped.

"I find myself having trouble and even @DevilMayCrye is stumped.

I was trying to upload an image here on RT, but after clicking the post button, it took me to a blank page. Refreshing did no good. I tried to upload to tumblr so I could instead use an html link to post it in a journal. But then tumblr made the "post" button unclickable any time I added any image. I tried many times in firefox, chrome, and IE. On two different laptops. With the same results each time.

I've tried defragging, uninstalling/reinstalling browsers, updating them, updating flash, shutting the computer off and back on. Nothing has worked. Tried looking for ideas on google and nothing we found has worked.

This now makes it impossible to do anything with my art, which is currently my only livelihood and I'm frustrated near tears.

Does anyone have any idea what to do? Because we are completely out of ideas. (And getting a new computer, or updating the hardware is out of the question)


Anyone able to lend a hand?