I know many people may not like me for typing this but I am going to anyway.

When I say Bush I mean him and the Bush Administration.

Firstly I don't like Bush, so excuse me if some of the things I write are biased. Now, what one of the stupidest things I think he did was not spend money on the support levees ( the things that keep water out of New Orleans since it's below sea-level). He recieved a notice saying that they weren't finished because they ran out of funding. Then he didn't bother giving more because he was spending all the money on the now pointless War In Iraq.

Then the when news of Hurricane Katrina came the people who had cars ( the wealthy ) left while the poor had no choice but to hold tight. Then after the levees gave way and New Orleans flooded, the city was declared an Emergency Evacuation zone. Bush waited a whole day before he bothered to send rescue and aid, letting people die in the wait!

I think this incident is really drawing a line between Rich/Poor and White/Black (no racism of any sort intended, if anyone takes offense at this).

These are just my views, please feel free to post your's.