I know I've been gone for quite a while, but I'll try and be somewhat visible from now on.

I'm really not liking this new site. Seems way to buggy compared to the old site, and it feels really unfriendly and not easy to use (plus, I remember RT saying they'd get a better video player? If thats the case, they should go back to the old one, because the current one is even worse than the previous one, based on how long its been taking to load videos)

So, some life updates.

- @Ember and i got engaged earlier in the month

- On September 1st, Ember will be flying back to America, while I save up for Marriage and Partner visas, while potentially dealing with (finally) moving out and getting my own place/getting a place with friends.

- I've really gotten into my writing, enough so that I got a website up and running, and have pages dedicated to my very own Universe (which is still heavily under development), short stories (of both original content, and stories written within a Universe, like Destiny), as well as linking to places where I've done stuff (like eventually adding a link to all my Chupa work, or the Lets Play videos i did with @Nester82)

Please tell me what you think of my stuff :D

- My right wrist, originally believed to be either tendinitis or tendinosis, was actually looked at by a Doctor.
Only info they gave me was that its not either of those. So because I can't afford to go see the various specialists it would require to figure out whats wrong with my wrists (my left wrist is nowhere near as bad as my right, but I still need to be careful), I have to somehow balance what I can do, with what I need to do.

- I got my Gamerscore into the 211,000s, and completed a few more games since I posted my completion list. (Thank you Windows 10 for all the free games!!!!)

- Got these little cuties from @Myshu's Chupababy adoption thread. (You have until the 30th of August if you'd like one)
Penny Polendina, and Winter Schnee (I have no clue how to insert images on this new site.........)

So yeah, thats pretty much my life at the moment.

I might try and do Teamspeak again once Ember leaves, but I'm not sure.

How has everyone been?