RWBY Volume 3 is here! On behalf of the crew, thanks for all the kind words today. We're thrilled to finally be able to share the new episodes with you.

A few reminders for ya!

The release rhythm: RWBY Volume 3 will run at 10am U.S. Central Time Saturday mornings -- more Saturday morning 'toons, wooo! The Saturday release is exclusively for Rooster Teeth Sponsors! Not a sponsor yet? You can join the family here, eh? Then 24 hours later, 10am Sunday Central time, it will open to the public on RT as well as begin running on our partner sites (Crunchyroll, Hanabee, etc.). YouTube will get the episodes one week after they premiere on RT.

The calendar: as mentioned previously, please note that Rooster Teeth is not putting out any new episodes of any show the weekend of November 7th, in order to focus on our special charity livestream event for ExtraLife. So Chapter 2 will run next weekend, October 31st, then there's the livestream, then Chapter 3 runs November 14th. And we still have 3 more "World of Remnant" episodes to mix in throughout our 12 chapter run as well! RWBY addicts need not fret about that livestream weekend, though -- you'll still get your fix when the RWBY gang takes over the stream! We'll talk about the first couple episodes, maybe play the current build of RWBY:Grimm Eclipse, and if we raise enough funds for the charity, maybe sneak you some footage of scenes to come!

Last announcement for the moment -- everyone please welcome voice actor superstar Yuri Lowenthal (Ben from "Ben 10," and Jor-El, Jimmy Olsen, and Red Robin in all the latest animated DC Universe adventures -- oh, ha, and "boy" from X&V!) to the cast of RWBY, taking on the part of Mercury Black! Special thanks to JJ Castillo for having helped launch the character - everyone please wish him best of luck and check out what he's up to these days in the world of VR development!

We had a gathering last night at Rooster Teeth, people from all over the company joined us to screen Chapter 1. It was a special moment to watch this new first episode together. Monty, you were supposed to be there. Maybe you were. We hope we did ok. We miss you.