This is a vent journal and it's only my opinion so take it with a grain of salt as everyone's experiences are different and everyone has their own opinion.

So this is going to be the production of opinions as I'm an emotional quagmire at the moment and exams are stressing me the hell out. So I wanted to talk about art, artists and commissioning. I love it, I love all of it. I find that I want to support this community when I can, with the little amount of resources at my disposal. They're getting money for doing something they love, so if you have an artist friend or know an artist, commission them. Doesn't have to be expensive, you could just get an icon or badge or bust. Any of that helps.

My frustration is communication. Over the last couple of months my experiences have been the same. I send a message to an artist saying that I'm interested and I would like to discuss the piece, but three weeks roll by and a reply isn't sent back. I send another message and wait longer, asking if they got my last one and I let them know I'm still interested. Nothing. So I'll go off and use the money for another artist or something else. I'll get a reply later on saying that this person is ready to discuss the commission. I have to tell them that I no longer have the money, but I can pay later on when I have it again. And after that all communication ceases. This has happened to me several times in the past and recently. At times. I won't ever get a response and someone is dodging all my attempts to get a refund for an illustration that hasn't been drawn yet. I paid for that over 2 years ago.

I know for a fact that this isn't the standard because I have had such wonderful experiences with commissions and I want to keep coming back because they make it really easy. Myshu and Laxan are two awesome examples. There are times where I don't need another chupa during the adoption season, but I get one because I like her art and it's a pleasure to talk with her about it and she replies to every person within hours. If she can do that, shouldn't more artists be able to? It's not hard, it doesn't take long, and in the end you're getting money for it. It's harmful for you to say that you want to sell art and then ignore an interested buyer because they will lose interest and it damages chances of them coming back for more. You can make this so simple and spare a lot of feelings and frustration if you just take a few minutes to answer.

I'm ending here because I feel better and I don't have the urge to physically hurt something anymore. And this journal won't get a lot of popularity. So thank you and have a good one.