Totally just watched some Jessica Jones and now I just wanna write bad guy dialogue when I should be sleeping.

A lot of my artist friends post their doodles and drawings whenever they're practicing, soooo I figured I could probably do the same?

... I dunno, maybe that's lame. It's probably lame.


Here's what Felix has to say about himself tonight:

I talk too much.

I don't usually discuss my weaknesses (mainly because I don't have many), but that's definitely one of them.

What, you didn't think I knew? Please. Smokers know cigarettes kill you, but you still see 'em huddled together out back on their lunch breaks. You wanna know why? Fifty percent crippling addiction to nicotine and the rest because it just feels good.

See, as you're aware, I kill people. It's what I do. I do it really well.

Now some people say that makes me a bad person, and to those people I say *BUZZER NOISE* WRONG! People have been killing people for centuries! We do it in the name of war, religion, because fucking STEVE was cocky enough to try and bang my wife -- this is nothing new.


You know what it is?


It's what makes us human.


Animals don't kill in the name of anything, they just fucking kill shit 'cause they're hungry or territorial or whatever. People are on another level. You ever stop to think about that? Like, what is it about people that makes us so different? We've got all these emotions, and thoughts, and opinions on things. My partner hates it -- runs from it, really, because those thoughts get in the way.

They make things complicated.

He's right... but he's also a little out of touch with his humanity. Do you see what I'm getting at here?

Okay. Let me step it back -- Why do I talk?

I talk because it's my way of expressing what makes me me. Because it feels good. The fundamental law of nature is that the strong survive... and the weak don't. The same thing applies to us! If killing you is going to put money in my pocket, put bread on my table, then I'm gonna kill you. Weak feeding the strong. Circle of life. Hakuna matata.

Here's the important part: If I feel good about killing you... if being better than you gives me a rush... does that make me a bad person?


That makes me human.


Get it?




Then no hard feelings.