TLDR: If you are responsible for a very young viewer, you may want to start watching RWBY episodes yourself before deciding to show it to a child.


Funny thing happened as RWBY Volume 1 began to air, that we were not anticipating at all, being some of the biggest jackasses on the net. We started getting all sorts of messages from big sisters and brothers, babysitters, parents, and the occasional Qrow-like cool uncle or aunt. They were letting us know how much the very young were enjoying watching RWBY, and how cool it was to share that experience with them. I've lost count how many times at cons or screenings, where an older viewer introduced us to a young child, dressed as their favorite character, loaded up with all sorts of thoughtful questions and ideas. Suddenly, Rooster Teeth had something resembling their first family show on their hands. Don't know who thought trusting us with *that* would be a good idea, but here we are. ;)

Have we said thanks lately? Thanks again for sharing the story with our youngest audience members out there, it means a lot to us and we take the responsibility to heart. In return, we wanted to take a sec to reiterate some things. We've said from the very beginning that the story of RWBY is actually a pretty long journey, with all sorts of complex changes and themes over time. Because we can only put out so many episodes per year, and the story has been focused the way it has the first couple years, some viewers might assume that this is all there is to the show. Nnnnope. Much like other multi-year narratives such as the Harry Potters, Avatars (the airbending kind. well, the animated, not the live... look, the good one) and Star Wars...Warses... Warii? Forget it -- like other continuity-heavy sagas out there, RWBY will grow up over time. Our characters will be put to the test as the stakes get greater and the full scope of the story is revealed. The tone and imagery of the show will occasionally go darker and more mature. ...You did happen to notice the opening sequence that has been in front of the show all year, right?

So that's all. Don't want to make a huge deal out of it, nor make other viewers out there think that this is a spoilery conversation either, to happen to mention it right this second -- we have a wayyyys to go, and we've been talking about this in the "behind the scenes" materials and at the panels since the beginning. We just wanted to put another, more prominent, friendly reminder out there before more time went by. Much like life, RWBY has so much wonderful light to it yet, but where there's light there's also shadow. We hope you're looking forward to seeing how our animated friends rise to the occasion, as much as we are.

Happy New Year! Please join us for the return of RWBY Volume 3 tomorrow, and we'll have more RT Animation goodness to talk about soon.