Greetings from the very final audio mix session of RWBY Volume 3. As I type this, Kerry and I are at the mix house, hearing the final lines of the season, the last music cues, seeing the last... everything! Can't believe we're already here.

ThankyouthankyouTHANK YOU to all of you who have stuck with the show, who supported the team through all last year and through this production. Thanks for all the love and reactions and questions last weekend, as we've been having to get these tough moments of the story out there. To see the audience care as fiercely as we do about these characters and what they're going through is an experience we'll never forget.

...but yeah.'s time to end the season. You want to hang out to say goodbye to it? Here's what's up:


NOON CST - RWBY-THEMED "FREE PLAY!" Lindsay & I chat with Meg about how the season is wrapping up and will show an exclusive scene from Chapter 12 early! Then Miles & Kerry join us as CRWBY is pitted against the FP gang in 4v4 art combat!

3PM CST - RWBY 3 MARATHON HYPESTREAM! Join cast & crew for a PUBLIC LIVESTREAM as we hang out and watch all of Chapters 1-11 to get ready for the finale! We'll do some live commentary about the episodes, answer some questions from viewers on the #RWBY hashtag, and... well, there are probably going to be a lot of group hug therapy sessions.

6PM CST - FINALE OF THE ANIME TEST PODCASTS! Please note that the last live sponsorcast of the anime test show is moving an hour later! Sun... er, Mogar... er Michael Jones is going to sit in with Miles, Kerry, and me as we get into all things anime. Come listen to the most important political debate of the year -- y'know, Pokemon v Digimon v Yokai Watch! And we're being told that maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to make an announcement about the fate of the podcast during the show. Honestly, we know as much as you right this sec - find out when we do!

...hey, you do know that Burnie & Ash debut on CBS' "The Amazing Race" Friday night? Check yo listings!)


10AM CST - RWBY CHAPTER 12 available for sponsors! Not a sponsor and don't want to spend all weekend having the ending spoiled for you? Well, go fix that now before it's too late!! Then be ready to melt Adam's servers one last time. Muwahahaaa!

MIDDAY - The recording of the Anime test podcast will be posted for sponsors! We'll make some noise online to let you know when it's up. Yes, we do linkdumps, they appear a little after the page has gone live! No, we don't know yet what the fate of this podcast is or whether these episodes will be made public. So, uh, again, you could always go here and not worry about it. :)

Then Chapter 12 will go public on RT Sunday at 10am, and on YouTube a week later. ...Youtubers, are you really going to be able to wait a whole week? And stay spoiler-free? Really? You sure?

On behalf of everyone here at RT, thanks again for getting us through some tough times and for watching Volume 3. Much love...