I say this with the understanding that I had 9 vials of blood taken and am going to get a head and neck MRI to make sure I don't have Multiple Sclerosis or something else...

After the appointment with the neurologist today, he seems pretty certain that what I have is fibromyalgia. It's chronic pain that correlates with extreme stress/trauma during childhood/adolescence, as well as people prone to anxiety and depression. It's something in the way the brain is wired as it's growing--the neurotransmitters and pain responses get all fucked up.

So we're doing the MRI and some looking at results and stuff next. Assuming we're on the right track here, we'll start looking at medication options. The meds won't treat fibromyalgia, but they should alleviate the symptoms to some degree.

It is just such a damn relief to get a diagnosis, even one that isn't 100% positive yet. I got so tired and frustrated with people telling me it was just stress, or that it had to do with me being mentally ill. Now that we have a solid idea, we can move forward with strategies on how to deal.