Recently, you might have seen the Let's Play channel ( going through a few changes. We're happy to announce another exciting change: Kinda Funny, a group of guys we admire and love to work with, have officially joined the Let's Play family!

This means in addition to the Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and ScrewAttack videos you see already on the Let's Play channel, you'll also be seeing contributions from the Kinda Funny crew, too.

And that's not all!

We've teamed up with them to bring you Let's Play Presents: Kinda Funny LIVE!

This is the second KFL that they've done, and we're happy to partner up to bring our guys over to San Francisco for this 2-day event. Tickets for that are NOW ON SALE! Come see us (and I guess Kinda Funny, too) May 28-29, 2016!

And before you go, make sure to check out Kinda Funny. They're more than kinda funny, IMO.