The Let's Play community channel is a hub of community-made content submitted by you guys, the community. Whether it's an Achievement Hunter compilation, a Funhaus animation, or a ScrewAttack fan Death Battle, I want you all to stretch your creative legs and be able to showcase your talents. Anyone can submit content related to the Let's Play groups, and collaborations are highly encouraged on your videos.

So here's how you'll go about submitting content for the near future:

  1. Gather channel assets. Ensure that the intro and outro are on either end of your video before submitting. You can download them here: Intro // Outro (both are.mp4, 6 mb)
  2. Create a thumbnail. Something that represents your video and might catch someone's eye! Be sure to include the LP community corner art in the bottom left of all thumbnails. You can download that here: Thumbnail (.png, 54 kb)
  3. Review and Submit. Once your video and thumbnail are done, email a Dropbox download link or a Google Drive share link to Make sure your privacy settings are open so we can access your video and thumbnail!
  4. Title and Description. In your email, please provide a title and description for your video. Something that encapsulates the video, see previous uploads for examples and assistance with this.

That's pretty much it for now. At some point soon we'll hopefully have a webpage for you to use in order to submit your content more easily, so be sure to join this group page to stay updated on things.

If you have any questions or need help with creating your videos, please be sure to take advantage of the "FORUM" tab here on the group page and get a discussion started!


How long can my video be and what file size?
The shorter the better, but let's try to keep things under 12 minutes (Compilations/Highlights can be longer and some exceptions can be made). 300 mb is a good size to start at as well. Be sure you're using the .mp4 format for good quality and smaller file sizes. Larger files are fine, but please avoid files upwards of 750 mb or more

What can I submit?
Anything that fits into a video. Simple examples include animations, compilations, speed art, music remixes, and how to videos. You all are incredibly creative, so if you have something you're unsure about please message me here on the site! (No Let's Plays)

Who can submit?
Anyone! Feel free to collaborate with others in the community as well. If you're just here to enjoy the content, go ahead and leave comments and start discussions!

When will my video go up?
I don't want to flood the channel with too much content at once, so there will be a limit to the amount of daily videos you'll see. Due to this, it could be anywhere from a week to a month before your video gets uploaded. Though hopefully it won't often take that long. If you're worried about the status of your video, message me here on the site and I can look into it!

Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing what you all create!