With 75% of the votes combined, we are going to do another double game type style round. Unfortunately, Mojang hasn't delved too far into the MOBA world, so we're just going to call this round the Double M Round! Minecraft and Free to Play MOBA's are fair game for this next round!!

Here is what the bracket is looking like for the next two weeks!

As you can see, there are two matches that weren't able to get completed in the last round. RT Florida and Rooster Speak have been discussing the issues they encountered and are going to get their match in ASAP. Because of that, Good Guy Gamers and RT Georgia should be in touch with both teams if possible so that when RT Florida and Rooster Speak's match in Worms wraps up, you guys can be on the ball and get the next match in! We apologize for this inconvenience.

For the C Squared Podcast vs. RT DFW match, unfortunately due to admin changes and lack of responses, they have both been eliminated from the tournament. BIGBITE gets a bye to move onto the Loser's Bracket Round 3. Congrats?

Another unfortunate reality of a tournament is that some teams were eliminated this past round. RIP in peace, RvB TX, Rooster Buckeyes, and The Afterstreamers! We hope to see you next time!!

This round's brackets are set up like so...

Round 3

RT NY - @GRatFinn vs RT Radio - @Ginman

The Good Guy Gamers - @Killerkel vs RT Florida - @WB_Spartan or Rooster Speak - @NobleSteed

Loser's Bracket Round 2

RT Georgia - @GeorgeFromGeorgia vs RT Florida - @WB_Spartan or Rooster Speak - @NobleSteed

RTUK - @TheLadderMan vs RT Ontario - @ghostsol
The Nerd Nest - @LadyOddDuck vs Midwesterners - @MrWartburg

Hopefully everything comes through clearly on this, if you have any questions please feel free to contact @Newbs!