Aloha folks,

We recieved an odd package today at the office, a black case with a Triangle logo with the number 10 inside of it. Inside of that case was a metal triangle with a code written on it, a card with a website on it and a flyer with some more info.


Following the links takes you to a site --

It looks like one is still locked right now, but the pieces have a code written in them. On each page is a series of cyphers for a code. After some work, we figured it says "Find the hidden directory"


There are all kinds of codes including an eye chart... LET'S FIGURE THIS OUT!

***EDIT 1****

Found a twitter account:

A friend of mine just created a subreddit for another place to search --

***EDIT 2****

Vision and compute seem to overlay very very well --

***EDIT 3***

DoctorDake found this -- - Not sure if it is supposed to be active yet, recieved an email that said "FPO ---- TODO: NEED OFFICIAL COPY"

GamersNexus on Twitter sorted out part of the Vision/Compute riddle here: -- "HUMANITY"

***EDIT 4***

These two red box things seem linked... who can sort it?