Hey everyone!

To get this out of the way, I’m writing this journal to tell you that the show @Joel and I produce, How To, is coming to a close. As much as it is disappointing that the show will not continue, I want to talk about how it came about, the joy we’ve had producing it, and how much it means that so many of you supported us.

Before I started at Rooster Teeth, I met Joel through @jack. Out of the blue one day I got a call from Joel asking me to come into the office (I shit my pants at this point) and help him with a project. When I came in, he handed me a controller and I felt a very magical moment unfolding around me. I was sitting in the Rooster Teeth office with the guy who voiced a character I had been a fan of since the age of 14, and I managed to piss him off. I moved when I wasn’t supposed to. He was having me help machinimate for a commercial and I learned that resetting a scene was a bit of a process. Oops. This would be the second time that I shit my pants.

Somehow, even after messing up my first professional impression with Joel, I managed to get a full-time job at Rooster Teeth working as desktop support and assisting Joel with commercial projects. It was, and is, a dream come true. A few weeks after officially starting, we wrapped up a commercial project and Joel asked me to come up with a game to play with him for a video. We landed on Terraria, and made our first ‘Let’s Play’ video together.

After several episodes we took a small break to work on a commercial project, and then got back to producing the show. Eventually we came up with a name for it. We landed on ‘How To’ as a tongue-in-cheek way to describe our skill levels in games, since we basically played games the opposite of how you should.

Joel wanted to produce a show that didn’t necessarily have to follow a format. In our Goat Simulator video, we took our first step outside the box and we spent a day filming a goat on a trampoline so that we could have a ~3 second cut in a video. This was the video for Joel and I that made us realize we could occasionally incorporate live action segments into our videos. For me, filming these segments was some of the most fun I had while making How To. I genuinely don’t think I’ve laughed harder than when we filmed Baking Simulator. And of course, How To wouldn’t have been the same without Jeremy and Matt hanging out with us every now and again.

Now I’m sitting here, trying to put into words my appreciation, love, and thankfulness that I have for everyone who watched How To, supported us, left comments, drew fan art, anything. You have all completely changed my life. Never once growing up did I think I would make something that so many people would watch and appreciate. Even being able to make a handful of people laugh is something that I will hold dear forever.

Finally, to answer the question of ‘Why?’. To start, I will say that neither Joel or myself is leaving Rooster Teeth; we are simply unable to produce How To. Part of the reason for this has largely to do with the fact that my role at the company has recently changed. I have shifted away from desktop support and commercials and moved into a Sys Admin role. This is a seriously daunting challenge, and my time is more limited than ever. This doesn’t mean I won’t appear on screen any more; in fact I have a couple of things coming up that you’ll see me in soon, and some more in the future.

Unfortunately, Joel’s schedule is also changing, and he is gearing up to work on some really exciting projects. Unfortunately, we’re at a point where we don’t have the time dedicate to making How To what we want it to be, and thus, we are bringing it to a close.

How To has been, from the start, a crazy whirlwind, and I will always be thankful for the joy it has brought me, the friends it has made me, and the people I have been able to connect with because of it. Thank you all so much for sticking with us all this time, and I hope to have you all along on whatever adventure is next.