First off, I want to say that the most important and my favorite thing about this place is the community. We're pretty much a huge extended family spread across the globe. Some of this family are people you know, love and see everyday... Others you may never see... but you know they are there. And when your family is in need, you spring into action. You help... So that brings us here.

Recently I saw a very active member on the site post that she has fallen into some financial trouble. She has thrown many community/charity streams in the past. She recently had one to raise money and awareness for fibromyalgia. Not too long ago she did the same thing for Children With Hair Loss. Whether you know her or not... She's a very important member of this community.

I'm referring to the one and only @Audrey.


Audrey and her husband TJ are moving which is stressful enough... but they're moving across states (over 1000 miles away) add on the fact that they both have chronic illnesses and are knee deep in medical bills plus their job situation isn't the best right now...

I saw this and thought a member our family needs help... So I talked to her. And I set up a GoFundMe account

So I present to you, The RT community: AUDREYPALOOZATHON 2016!!!!

A stream on June 11th featuring community members such as @Raf, @Xcalante, @Tillyisfat, @DrHairz, @MrWartburg and special guest star ________ (I don't want to say who this is in case they can't make it... So if they turn it down, I'm going to step in.)

I have multiple comic books in our pool of raffle prizes (I'm still needing more raffle prizes!!!):

These prizes will be given out through various means, whether by the donation, throughout the hour or even on twitter...

Here's a bit of a teaser!!!

I have a brand new, never read vol 1 of possibly one of the best written comics out there. Seriously!!! Ask any local comic shop what their top sellers are... I guarantee if they carry Saga it sells like crazy. And it's a beautiful book.


I have a brand new, never read vol 1 edition of Action Comics Superman New 52!!!

Written by one of my favorite comic book writers out there, Grant Morrison! The art in this book is also phenomenal!!!


I have The Zombie Survival Guide's Recorded Attacks(previously owned)


I also have multiple grab bags of unread #1 comics. No two grab bags are alike!!!

and a few other things.......

Please do not hesitate to share this!!! Let''s get the word out!!!