This weekend was amazing! But more on that later, right now there are three very important announcements to be made.

This afternoon at 8 pm, Chris, Ricky, and Jake will be facing off against RT Ontario for this rounds Rooster Rumble match. Jake will be streaming for us on Twitch so be sure to go cheer them on!

Second, tonight is our first PC game night. I apologize if it seems kind of abrupt and out of the blue, but it was talked about on the Facebook group and now we're making it happen. Again, you can thank Jake for finally putting that together after we had only talked about doing it for so long. We will be starting with Minecraft at 9 after the RR match. We will be communicating via out Discord server and there is where I will also provide the IP address for the Minecraft server. So if you would like to participate, be sure to meet us in the chat here:

Third, if you are in South/South West Florida, we finally have a meet up for you! It's this Saturday at HeadPinz in Ft Meyers. Will we see you there at 5 for food, bowling, and lazer tag (yes, more Zs)? More details here:

Now, onto the fun stuff. This past Saturday was the first North RT Florida Meet Up at Dave & Busters in Jacksonville and it was a blast. We played some games, had some food and drinks, won some prizes, and had a few tournaments. But the real prize of the night; this gem here. We managed to fit 11 people into the booth with more spilling out. We are beauty, we are grace, and you can't see any of that because Ricky's head got in the way.

(Maybe one day I'll be able to smoothly add photos to this group...)

Regardless, It was a fun night that ended at Steak and Shake like always and we're definitely doing more of these (right, Will?). Again, thanks to everyone who came out! Oh, and we totally reached our goal of 15+ people, so keep a look out for how to enter the contest to change Will's phone background!

MegaCon is also this weekend in Orlando and we plan on having a little meet up during then on Friday with a location TBD. You can see more details in the Facebook event here:

And the last item, as an RTX send off (also for anyone to join for any reason) we're having a beach day sometime in June. What I would appreciate help with is choosing a beach/park/location that would be good to host this. And of course, to make this easier to include as many people as possible, please fill out the form here so we can get the details set. I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling a sand castle building contest!

The best part about this meet up is that the only thing you'll be paying for is gas. But that's what carpooling is for, right? Looking forward to your feedback. If you can help with information on the beaches at all, please contact either myself or Will at @ArnettV or @WB_Spartan.

Find us in other places on the web: