How is everyone tonight? Everyone doing well? That's rad.

I'm Ty, if you didn't know that. To a lot of folks here, I'm Cuban. That works too, I've been called Cuban for coming up on 7 years. Time flies.

Well, with whatever you know me by, I'm here to say I'm not especially active on this website. That's no fault of you guys, I see lots of you trying your damnedest to carve out a little slice of life here, and I admire the shit out of that. I have no fucking clue what the Oxford Comma Café is but it's got the best name I've ever heard of, so whoever came up with that: good on you.

Here is where I am active:


Tumblr (My Tumblr is VERY gay. So that's your warning there.)

Rooster Speak's TeamSpeak 3 server (More on that later)

I lied a bit earlier in the journal; I am semi-active on this website, but you probably didn't realize it was me. Once a month, I write the Rooster Speak Weekly Update (RSWU), which can be viewed over on the Rooster Speak group page.

So why am I writing this journal? Because I had a point I wanted to talk about. As a community, the Rooster Teeth community has grown exponentially in the last 4 or 5 years. In the RTX 2012 pamphlet, Gus wrote in his little aside regarding their expansion to the ACC (and it's been 4 years, so I'm paraphrasing): "With our growth rate, I expect us to be hosting RTX 2015 on the moon."

Now, obviously we couldn't feasibly have RTX on the moon. The air fare alone would be awful, plus we couldn't have any non-American Guardians, since America is the only country that's ever landed people on the moon. (That last sentence was for @Newbs, you sexy bastard.)

But the point here: We've expanded rapidly. So rapidly in fact, RT could never have hoped to keep the website as the main hub of the community. So they played the hand they were dealt, cut their losses, and seemingly moved the bulk of their operation to a myriad of other platforms. Twitter primarily, but also YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. etc. That isn't to say, of course, that you can excuse their lack of communication on the new site's pending features and status. Communication with regards to their own website has become pretty limited.

But the purpose of this journal is that this community is what YOU make of it. Don't wallow in your own bitterness. Make something of it. If this website isn't functional? Get your ass on Twitter or Tumblr or Reddit. Find a community group that's primarily organized through Discord, Skype, or Teamspeak. If this website has stopped working for you, and RT doesn't seem to be making great strides to fix it, work around it. Don't sit here and hang on to the tattered remains of what was once a website that crashed whenever there was more than 5k users online. Go out and make something, find somewhere else, concentrate efforts elsewhere. Bob Dylan said "Admit that the waters around you have grown, and accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you is worth savin' then you'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone, for the times, they are a-changin'."

Saying the community has gone to shit, that it's nothing like it was is an apt assessment. The community has changed. But the times obligate us to change with it. There are things we can hold onto and keep with us, but there's also a point where we need to recognize that writing the 99th angry journal on the subject of why RT hasn't made a concentrated effort to fix this website will do nothing. The community managers have done a good job of working with what they have, but it's important to recognize that eventually you just have to diversify what you do and try something new.

To that end, ROOSTER SPEAK MOTHERFUCKERS. We're coming up on our 5th anniversary, which means we've had 5 years of us going strong on Teamspeak and Twitter. This journal has gone on a bit too long, but I just want to end on the note that I used to feel entitled to a functioning community website here. Eventually I realized that I may be approaching it the wrong way. We've got functioning community sites. We've got Twitter, the RT Subreddit, groups like the Oxford Comma Café and Rooster Speak. Quality of life updates, like those mentioned in Dopp's recent journal, are something this site sorely needs. But past that? Change with the times, roll with the punches, and don't drown when Bob Dylan blows up the dam and floods the town.