We're only about a week away from the June 10th series premiere of new animated comedy Camp Camp!! To celebrate, we'll do a SUMMER OF ANIMATION PUBLIC LIVESTREAM at 7pm CDT, Thursday June 9th, to talk about the return of RvB, the new RWBY Chibi show, and of course Camp Camp! We'll have sneak peeks at upcoming episodes of RvB and Chibi, and we'll debut a brand new Camp Camp video! Camp Camp will then premiere at 11amCDT the next morning for Rooster Teeth Sponsors!

You caught the new release schedule for RT Animation videos, right? When a video first hits, it's exclusive to Sponsors for 24 hours (Thanks for supporting us! Or if you're thinking about sponsoring, you can always give the 30 day Free Trial a shot!) Then after that, it's available to anyone registered at RoosterTeeth.com for the rest of the week! Registering at RoosterTeeth.com is toooootally free, doesn't need a credit card or nuthin'. After a week, the video goes public on the website as well as over at YouTube, etc.


RT Anim is proud to announce the voice acting ensemble for Camp Camp! Our three meddling misfits are: Michael Jones as Max, Yuri Lowenthal as Neil, and Elizabeth Maxwell as Nikki! Our poor, belabored Cameron Campbell's Camp Campbell Camp Counselors are: Miles Luna as David and Lee Eddy as Gwen! Campbell himself is voiced by none other than Travis Willingham! But wait, that's not all! You'll also get Shannon McCormick as the creepy Camp Quartermaster, and other campers like Lindsay Jones as Space Kid, Blaine Gibson as Nurf, James Willems as Dolph, Jen Brown as Ered, and Barbara Dunkelman as Nerris! And then you'll meet even more of the cast soon! Special congratulations to series director Jordan Cwieeeieieerz, producer Maggie Tominey, Lead Animatress Yssa Badiola, and the entire 2D Anim team -- the show looks truly fantastic, can't wait to show it to the community!



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