Maybe you and your pals woke up in time for the fabled Saturday morning cartoon lineup. Or you went down the rabbit hole on YouTube together, sharing link after random link. You might have even had the chance to go to a touring event like a Spike&Mike festival or Don Hertzfeld and Mike Judge's Animation Show. Point being, there's something awesome about hanging out with friends and watching cartoons, and it doesn't happen often enough.

There is so much astounding work out there and more is showing up all the time. From independent "one person bands" to next generation studios, it's an amazing time to be animating and to be a fan. Everyone is trailblazing, from tools and techniques to new methods of getting their work in front of you. And we want to celebrate that.

As part of RTX 2016, we are launching the first ever Rooster Teeth Animation Festival! We're inviting you and some of the coolest animators out there to come chill on a Saturday morning and watch a bunch of new work with a couple thousand other animation fans. Then we go geek out over it all, connecting in a variety of discussion panels loaded with special guests. All you need is your RTX badge!

Check out who's participating -- and this is just the beginning!


Watch this space for more updates on who's presenting work in the Festival showcase as well as who is attending and doing panels! The list only gets more amazing from here.

Looking forward to hanging out,

The crew at RT Animation