*Updated Info as of April 2017*

When we first announced Rooster Teeth on VRV back in June 2016, the plan was to have bi-directional logins. However, that feature is taking a little longer than expected. At the moment, if you sign up for Premium access to the Rooster Teeth channel on VRV, you will not be a FIRST member, and will not be able to use those same credentials to sign in as a FIRST member on the Rooster Teeth site or apps. Additionally, if you're already a FIRST member, you cannot log into VRV with your existing Rooster Teeth credentials. The VRV team is currently working on account linking for Rooster Teeth FIRST, and we will announce that as soon as it is available for our community. For more information, check out our new FAQ for Rooster Teeth on VRV.


June 14, 2016

You might have heard the news from E3 where Burnie helped announce VRV, a very cool new way to view Rooster Teeth content, which is coming out later this year, and launching first in the US. I wanted to take a minute to tell you why we decided to partner with them, and why this is such great news for all of us.

First and foremost, this will give everyone, especially Sponsors, a way to view all of the Rooster Teeth content you can currently access on our website and mobile apps on practically any platform – including game consoles. If you’re already a Rooster Teeth Sponsor, you will not have to pay anything additional to access Sponsor content this way.* It’s simply a new added benefit for you. You can log into Rooster Teeth on VRV using your existing Rooster Teeth username and password. Also, if you’re not a Sponsor yet, you can sign up for Rooster Teeth on VRV, and your new login information will then work directly on RoosterTeeth.com and our Rooster Teeth apps.* You will also be able to take advantage of the other Sponsor benefits on our website and store, such as access to livestreams and the 5% store discount. The logins are completely cross-compatible!* Now you’ll be able to access your favorite shows from all of RT on almost any device you can think of, and you get to keep all the other benefits of being a Sponsor.

Another reason we’re excited about VRV is because it gives us all a chance to discover more content from creators we all know and love, like Crunchyroll, Nerdist, and Geek & Sundry.

Last but certainly not least, being on VRV will allow our tech and engineering team more time to focus on improving the community experience on RoosterTeeth.com and our own apps, while still providing access to our content in all these other places where we all want to watch it. The ideal situation to me is you get to easily watch RT content like Day 5 on your TV through VRV, while you’re talking about it with the community on RoosterTeeth.com.

So basically, just think of VRV as a portal through which you will be able to access the video portion of our website on almost any platform. I’m sure there will be questions, and I will try to answer them in the comments below, but here are a few answers just to get things started:

Q: Is VRV only for Rooster Teeth Sponsors?*

No, it’s available to everyone, including Sponsors. If you are a Sponsor, you get all the same video access on Rooster Teeth through VRV as you would directly through our website. If you are a regular user or public visitor, the content will be ad-supported on VRV just as it is on RoosterTeeth.com, and you won’t have access to the Sponsor exclusives, but you will have the option to change that by becoming a Sponsor through VRV or RoosterTeeth.com.

Q: Will you still put your content on YouTube?

Yes, we will still put all of our non-Sponsor exclusive content on YouTube just as we always have. We don’t have any plans to change the release schedule, other than we will continue to make more new shows and increase the amount of content we produce overall, including free/ad-supported and Sponsor-exclusive. There will, of course, also continue to be special cases for individual projects, like Lazer Team, that work best being released in some entirely different way. Those projects will most likely be more movies.

Q: Does this mean you are abandoning development on RoosterTeeth.com and your apps?

No, this means we will have more time to focus on improving the community features of RoosterTeeth.com and our apps. VRV will be a great new way to access our videos, but we are still focused on making RoosterTeeth.com and our apps the best way to connect with the community.

Q: This is great! But where do you prefer that we support you? Should we become a Sponsor through VRV or directly on RoosterTeeth.com?

This is entirely up to you. We so appreciate that so many people ask us this question whenever we branch out to a new outlet or platform, but we’re doing it to give you options and make things easier, not to make you feel conflicted about how to support us! If you love the content, we hope you will become involved in the community because it’s what really makes Rooster Teeth special, but no matter what, we thank you for supporting us in whatever way works best for you. We’re making content we love and we are thankful every day that we get to share it with the world.