Hello all!

I hope you are all excited about RTX! I sure am. If you’re attending RTX this year, we will be filming a very special Immersion and need your help!

We are looking for 200 capable extras to help us with our latest experiment. Volunteers will need to be able to take direction, move around a large space and repeat their tasks several times. Extras will receive an exclusive, RTX 2016 Immersion t-shirt and be featured in one of the biggest Immersions ever.

(For reference, check out Space Invaders from RTX Australia, or the Zombie Horde episode from the first RTX!)

If you are in Austin, TX, and available Thursday afternoon (June 30th) from 12-6pm, and 18 or older, please fill out this form. The location of the event will take place downtown near the Austin Convention Center and all participants will be contacted in advance.

We are very excited to be filming with all of you. There’s no better way to share content with all of you than…well…putting you in it! Leave any questions in the comments below and we’ll try to answer them.

Looking forward to seeing you at RTX!