Hey guys! Two journals in one day!? How crazy is that, you can thank @AtlasKP for this one though.

A few days ago Let's Play and Rooster Teeth announced that they were holding another Let's Play Live in Chicago. It's being held Friday, August 19th at the Chicago Theatre. They still have tickets available on Ticketmaster if you are interested in going, and can use the code 'Rooster' for a bit of a discount. It's going to feature all of the Let's Play channels like Funhaus and ScrewAttack.

We haven't talked about having a meet-up or get-together at the event, but if enough of us are interested we can plan something out. How many of you folks are planning on going? Are you going with friends or just saying 'FUCK IT!' and hitting up downtown by yourself? You can count on finding me there for sure, so keep an eye out.

Hope to see a lot of you there!

- Duo