HOWDY! Glaine Bibson here to announce that the new season of Million Dollars, But… is only 21 days away! On August 10, we’re kicking off a new season of the most ridiculous scenarios we could think of to test the limits of what Rooster Teeth’s finest would do to get rich.

In addition to the usual cast of players, this season we’ve got Nick Rutherford and Kirk Johnson from the upcoming show Crunch Time, Tim Gettys and Greg Miller from Kinda Funny, Dan Gruchy from Slow Mo Guys, and the elusive Geoff Ramsey from Achievement Hunter!

Can’t wait for the new season? OF COURSE YOU CAN'T. Here’s a peek at one of the upcoming scenarios to hold you over.


We’ll also have a brand new trailer for you on August 3 that’s packed full of more Million Dollars, But… goodness.