Hey everyone! Lazer Team DVDs are now on sale at stores everywhere including Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and of course the RT Store. We also have some amazingly cool action figures and the Japanese premiere poster, and the much-requested Blu-ray discs should be in next week!

But that’s not the only big news of the day. I’m incredibly happy to tell you that Lazer Team 2 is a go! Yes, thanks to the power of this amazing community and the support of our fantastic partners at YouTube Red, we are officially making a sequel – and it’s going to be even bigger, better, and Lazer Team-ier than the first one. There is so much more we want to do with this story and these characters, and your incredible response to the movie has made it a reality even sooner than we expected.

One of my favorite experiences with the release of Lazer Team was being able to meet so many people in our community at theatrical screenings around the world. A lot of you wanted to know when there would be a sequel, and if you’d be able to support it through crowdfunding like the first one. We would love to get more feedback on how you felt the first round went and if that’s something you’d like to have the option to try this time. We want to make this the best movie it can possibly be, and as with all our content, that starts with listening to you.

Lazer Team has been one of the most rewarding creative and community experiences we’ve ever had at Rooster Teeth, and I feel honored that we get to keep it going with a sequel! There will be a lot more news in the months ahead, including more ways and places you can see the first movie. In fact, Gavin and Burnie are currently in Japan for the theatrical premiere of Lazer Team this weekend! Thanks for taking this incredible journey with us, and we hope you’ll enjoy what’s in store on the road ahead.