By Graham Reynolds

I knew I really wanted to work with creator/producer/writer/director Josh Flanagan on Day 5 even before we met. When he said he wasn’t talking to any other composers, I was very happy. When he said he wanted me to make all the music in the show (including things like the rave, the Day of the Dead material, etc.), I was extra happy.


Here are nine facts about the music in Day 5 – and the people who make it – that you might find interesting.

1. The tool we used most to create the sounds of Day 5 is a piece of software called Omnisphere, a virtual instrument plugin by Eric Persing and Spectrasonics. It is the most intuitive, deep, and versatile virtual instrument I’ve ever used.

2. The drums for the early scene in Episode 3 when the office worker transitions into “The Incubus” are the same drums from the theme song, but slowed down and even more heavily distorted.

3. Adam Sultan is the guitarist featured throughout the series. He once had a play written about him, with a human character and a puppet character both named Adam Sultan, and the play was called Adam Sultan.

4. Music editor and recording engineer Buzz Moran also designed (and often performed) the live foley for a touring show called The Intergalactic Nemesis, which has toured around the world and continues to do so.

5. To help create many of the pads we used in the score, we often turned to a reverb called Shimmer by independent developer Valhalla. It’s designed after Brian Eno-style reverbs.

6. The distortion we used most often is called Kombinat DVA; it’s made by another independent developer that we love, Audio Damage. It can get subtle sounds (it’s on the delicate piano theme in Episode 3) and crazy sounds (the drums in Episode 3). I also use it for live performances.

7. All the music for the rave in Episode 2 is original. It was a fun excuse to dig into the types of sounds used by electronic music producers.

8. Producer Ezra Venetos, music editor Buzz Moran, and I all worked on the Richard Linklater/Philip K. Dick/Robert Downey, Jr. film A Scanner Darkly.

9. Between seasons of Day 5, I’m composing an opera about iconic Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa with librettists Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol from Mexico City.

I loved making the music and have my fingers crossed for a second season!