In just a few hours, the first pilot episode of Always Open is released upon the world!

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, read this.

This pilot episode, and the next 3 pilot episodes, will be ONLY available to FIRST members (so make sure you sign up so you can watch!) We'd love to get your reactions and feedback after each episode, so make sure you leave a comment when it's up, or tweet us using #AlwaysOpen. These are pilot episodes, which means we'll be making notes and changing things/improving things as we go, in order to get it to where we want it to be. Your constructive feedback is very much appreciated.

It's been a crazy ride getting Always Open up and running. This is the first show I've ever produced, and I'm unbelievably grateful to both Rooster Teeth and our community for trusting me with such a big opportunity.

I absolutely wouldn't have been able to do this without a team of amazing people - especially the entire broadcast team, Marcus and the art department, and especially Patrick and Mariel for holding my hand through it all. Everyone is so goddamn talented and good at what they do, and I'm so lucky to be able to work with them. You never realize how many people are involved in a show like this, so help me in thanking them for their dedication to this project. Love you guys! <3

For our first episode tonight, I'm joined by Mica, Mariel, and Lindsay - shoutout to those ladies for taking the leap of faith with me and being on a brand new show right out of the gate. We had a blast filming this episode, and I know you guys will enjoy it.

I'll be tweeting along at 10:30PM CT when the show gets released, so feel free to join me using #AlwaysOpen.

And of course- thank YOU all for your perpetual support and love. It means everything to us.


See you tonight at 10:30 PM CT!