Hey all,

This year has been pretty momentous for the RT Community and us here at RT ICD/World so we want to give back! So, in honor of the hard work that the RT Community groups do we want to help them give back to their community! We know that running an active community is tough so we want to reward the ones that work hard to make the Rooster Teeth as awesome as it is!

We're offering up some prizes for active community groups!

Prizes like:

3 RT Posters (Million Dollars But.., Off Topic No Swearing & an SGC poster!)

A $25 gift card to the RT Store!

A DVD/Blueray from the RT Store (Title TBD)

as well as a 6 month First Membership!

More prizes may be added in!

How do you enter?

If your RT Community Group has a meetup (either Online or in person) between 9/10/16-10/08/16 your group is automatically entered!

Going to watch Let's Play Live? (Theaters or live) Get together a meetup pre or post show and be entered!

What if there isn't a community group in my area?

That's ok! We will be holding a secondary raffle for additional prizes (TBD)! Enter in by joining a RT Radio broadcast! Join in on the community fun and listen in for the secret word of the broadcast in the chat for a chance to win a prize!

Ok, I get what my group needs to do, but how can I help make us win?

Be active in your community! Join up with your community and get in touch with your fellow members! Just interacting with your community helps! Find them on the RT site, on Facebook on Twitter and say hi! In fact, help your community get recognized by using #ilovemyrt or #RTWorld to help them get noticed! Just make sure to include your group so we know who to track! Every time a unique user tweets out for your community you have another chance of winning the sweet loots for your community!

This post is really long, can I get the TL;DR?

Yup! Win prizes for your community and a chance to gain them for yourself by interacting with your RT community! Get together for an online or real life meet to be automatically entered in! No community? No problem, join a RT Radio broadcast for a chance to win personal prizes! Tweet out using #ilovemyrt or #RTWorld and make sure to include your community! Contest closes October 8th 2016!

If you have any questions! Please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with us @roosterteethicd on Twitter!

-Your fellow Cockbites