Hi folks!

We figured to best get the word out about the RT Radio contest would be to give it a bit more of a push here with a news update just for it!

So here are the details!

We're offering up prizes for active RT community members who also participate in a RT Radio broadcast! RT Radio is a community group dedicated to bringing RT fans together under the magical banner of music.  It was started three years ago by our very own @Caiti and we couldn't be more grateful!  However, due to some of the site issues over the last year participation has kind of dropped.  We know that having an active community is awesome so we've been looking for ways to help bring that back to you and RT Radio seemed a great place to start!  So with our Community Contest already underway we figured giving the opportunity for folks who love music, or who don't have a local community of their own, a chance to join in on the fun was super necessary!

So how do I enter?

Join in on a RT Radio broadcast and make some friends!  RT Radio broadcasts every Thursday  (3-4pm Central) and Friday (4-7pm Central).  Listen in to the show for the code phrase of the day given by @Ginman and enter your guess in the "Coming Up" post on the RT Radio group page!  Entries must be in by the end of the show in order to qualify!

Ok, that's cool, but what do I get?

Well, you get to hang with some pretty awesome folks and get to listen to some pretty sweet tunes!  And if you've corrected guessed the phrase of the day you will be entered in for the random drawing for the prize that day!

Yes, prizes! Tell me more!

Well last week we were lucky enough to give away two prizes to our two awesome winners.

Thursday: Dvd or poster (Prize chosen: Lazer Team directors cut!)         Winner: @wade22

Friday: $25 gift card to the RT Store                                                         Winner: @Smilerbull

But we know, you want to know about the upcoming prizes, well at long last, here they are!

Thur 9/22  $10 gift card to the RT Store

Winners: @maurice_v & @ChampionDaveBacon

Fri    9/23  $25 gift card to the RT Store

Winner: @Ratatoskr 

Bonus winners: @Cainrin & @Lamkia 

Thur 9/29  $10 gift card to the RT Store  Winner: @Occuli

Fri    9/30  $ 25 gift card to the RT Store  Winner: @Ansere

Thur 10/6  $10 gift card to the RT Store @ParanoidFreak

Fri    10/7  $25 gift card to the RT Store @HybridSquirrels

When does the contest end?

The RT Radio community contest ends on 10/7/16! So make sure to come and join in on the fun!  So make sure to tell your friends, tell your neighbors and rock out to some tunes with us!   

See you there & good luck!