Fun fact: Back in the early 80s the first Donkey Kong game was going to be a Popeye's game where Popeye was out to safe Olive from Brutus, Nintendo couldn't get the character's legal permissions in time for the game deadline so Shigeru Miyamoto covered the visuals with his improvised art. Thus the first look of Mario was born as "Jumpman", Donkey Kong and Princes Peach consequently as well.


Bonus fact: This wouldn't be the first time the Mario Bros theme would be mounted over a different characters game and ended up being a hit. Super Mario Bros 2 is the result of Nintendo of America telling Nintendo (Japan) that their Mario sequel was to hard and feared it would affect the sales jackpot the first Mario game gave them so Nintendo airbrushed the Mario theme on another game called Doki Doki Panic.


The actual Super Mario Bros 2 (released only in Japan) was later given to American gamers as "The Lost Episodes" via the fantastic Super Mario All-Stars game bundle for the Super Nintendo.