Hey everyone,

There's an up and coming community projected coming out soon and we want to help promote it. RT Chatterbox is a project helped to connect community members all across the world via a pen pal system.

Lenny from RooTeeth has put together a plan to make this work across the world even. How? The Internet of course. People will add their email to a list that is set up through the Chatterbox group, then those emails will be forwarded to their assigned pen pal and you will have the option to keep talking to the same person or select someone new.

They will be making sure that pen pals are set up with people from another part of the world so you can have an experience with someone somewhere else. Maybe you'll get to talk with an Aussie, someone from the UK, or Africa.

If you are interested in being apart of this and joining as a pen pal, please fill out the form below.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! Oh, and everyone, stay safe during the hurricane.

The RT Florida Crew