Holy smokes, we've made two hundred and fifty of these. I want to take a moment to recognize how freaking awesome that is. To give you some perspective, this is our first officially numbered update from way back in the day.


As you can tell, we kept things pretty simple, but we still aimed at giving you information about sure fun things happening on the server. Now here we are at Update 250, and guess what? We've got some stuff for you!


This week is gonna be cinematically spooktacular. Starting Tuesday at 6 PM CT, we'll have our first Double Feature Movie Night for the week when we watch both Alien and Aliens!


This Thursday starting at 7 PM CT, we're going to take things outside the stratosphere with a Space-themed Trivia Night! If James doesn't win this, you all have the right to make fun of him for 2 days.


Finally, this Friday starting at 6 PM CT, we have our second Double Feature Movie Night with Mega Piranha and MegaShark vs. Giant Octopus! You too can marvel at the horror that is a Hollywood where these movies are accepted.


I tried finding a gif from the movie and instead I found this kite that fUCKING TERRIFIES ME.

We'd also like to remind you all that we're still doing prep stuff for Rooster Speak Secret Snowman so make sure you sign up while you can! Form is available here!

And, as always, these are your stops for suggesting Movie Night movies or volunteering to host Trivia Nights!

That'll be all from us for this week. Next week we'll FINALLY get the ball rolling on our Art Contest and cannot wait to see what you guys can come up with! Have a spectacular week, everyone.

Jimbo, out. [Suck it, DeeJ.]