Sorry for the delay, but here are the details about getting your pretty face on to our Extra Life 2016 Community Poster!

For those new to this, here's the tl;dr --

Rooster Teeth is having our first every Community Game Day on November 5th for Extra Life, and then on November 12th, you'll get the big huge Rooster Teeth Game Day stream you've known and loved for years.

In addition to our poster we normally sell for charity, we're also selling a brand new COMMUNITY POSTER (why you're here) as well as a Extra Life shirt.  The Community Poster will only be available from 8am CST on November 5th until 8am CST on November 6th.  The new RT Extra Life poster will be available from 8am CST on November 12th, until 8am CST November 13th.  The shirt will be available both weekends from 8 until 8 as well.


Here's how you can be a part of this photo-mosaic poster for our community side of things.

It's really pretty simple.

A.) Pick a clear photo of your pretty face (single person per photo please), the more of your face in the frame, the better.

B.) Name the file USERNAME-EXTRALIFE2016 with whatever file extension it is (.jpg, .png...etc) For example, I'd name my file JACK-EXTRALIFE2016.JPG -- It's very important that you include those in the filename, otherwise it won't get picked up on our servers.

C.) Take that photo and upload it to your image gallery! (Click on the images tab in your profile page and put it there! Hooray!) Feel free to tag it with ExtraLife2016 as well so other people can see your pretty face.

D.) That's it! We'll compile all the photos and have a snazzy poster for you guys very soon!

Okay, tl;dr one more time -- community poster, upload a photo of your face with the filename USER-EXTRALIFE2016 to your image gallery to be a part of it.

Have your photos up as soon as possible in order to make the cut!

We love you guys! I can't wait for November 5th, our community teams look great and we'll have more info soon for you.